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Published: Wednesday 2005-03-30.

And thus my short Easter holidays are over for this year, I once again spent five of the day’s hours on a bus trip to get back home to Oslo. Since the buses aren’t equipped with wireless networking like the Linx trains were, I tested Quirc, an IRC client I had installed on my mobile phone. IRC is a nice protocol in the sense that it doesn’t generate that big traffic, which means that one dares using it even though the mobile operators charge much too much for GPRS...

Since I had to go to Örebro to get to the bus anyway, I took the opportunity to visit a few shops in the city in the morning, and I bought the Swedish DVD editions of the movies The Incredibles and Shrek 2. Normally I don’t care much about what DVD edition it is I buy since the disc you get usually is the same anyway, but for cartoons and computer animated movies it does matter. If I buy these movies in Norway I get an edition with English, Norwegian and Danish language versions, whereas I in Sweden get one with English, Sweden and Finnish (and for Disney, Icelandic) versions. Now, I do personally prefer to see movies in their original language (English), but I think it is nice anyway to have access to the Swedish version.

First I had planned to order the Swedish version over the Net. Since CDON is based in Sweden, but also has a Norwegian front for their shop, I thought I could order it from there, but I was unable to. From the Norwegian log-in I am unable to see the Swedish edition, and when I first log in to the Swedish version and add the Swedish edition in the shopping trolley the Norwegian version just shows an error message. That is stupid, they should be aware that we are quite a lot of Swedes that have emigrated to Norway. But but, as I said, I did find the movies in Örebro, so I probably shouldn’t complain.

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  • Datum: 2005-03-31 09.49.26 CEST
  • Namn: Jorunn
  • Vävplats:
  • Sänt från: ***

Min erfaring med CDON tilsier at det er store sjanser for at du får svenske dvder selv om du bestiller fra Norge.

  • Dato: 2005-03-31 09.59.13 CEST
  • Navn: Peter Karlsson
  • Sendt fra: ***

Ja, oftest, men for disse så selger de den norsk-danske utgaven til Norge og gir meg ikke mulighet til å kjøpe den svenske. :-/

  • Datum: 2005-03-31 11.35.19 CEST
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
  • Sänt från:

Finns det kanske någon dum regionsbegränsning från utgivaren, så filmer tänkta för ett land inte får säljas till ett annat land i det fall det finns en egen utgåva för det landet? Den som är enveten kan ju fråga säljföretaget om det är ett misstag eller av avsikt som vissa produkter inte går att beställa.

  • Datum: 2005-03-31 11.56.40 CEST
  • Namn: Peter Karlsson
  • Sänt från: ***

Det är mycket möjligt, Disney kan vara lite underliga ibland. Jag frågade om en annan film tidigare, men fick aldrig något svar. Jag får väl fråga igen.

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