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I also want to have winter sports holidays!

Published: Wednesday 2005-02-23.

This week the schools have winter sports holidays. It sort of feels like I want to be back in school when you got a whole week holidays to take it easy (go sporting? like heck). I could probably have used it, for some reason this week has been feeling a bit heavier than usual, for reasons unknown. I already look forward to this weekend, when I have planned a quick visit home to ol’ Sweden to celebrate my father’s upcoming birthday.

For those of you who have followed my reports from the Battlefield 1942 tournament I can tell you that we once again was utterly crushed in this Monday’s match against Intility. We have absolutely no excuses to make, they were simply light-years better than us. In comparison, the board gaming last Sunday went a lot better, I was able to win Ticket to ride twice in a row, that’s a game I really is starting to get a hold of the tactics for. Last Friday night I visited Ian, to play together with several colleagues. One of the games we played was Citadels, which I have mentioned earlier. Once again I ended totally last, I am simply not very good at that game. But I still like it. I also ended totally last in Cthulhu 500, something I blamed on getting a bad car to play with, but on Sunday we also played it, and then I won with the same car, so I’m not quite sure what to believe.

Watched the re-run of Friday’s Så ska det låta today, but was unable to spot myself in the audience. Maybe it’s better that way...

Thank you to those of you who have commented my Norwegian typing errors (I have most likely committed several more of them today). I have now also fixed it so that it is possible to comment posts that are only made in Norwegian (although the possibility for that happening again is quite slim).

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  • Datum: 2005-02-25 19.29.20 CET
  • Namn: Peters mor
  • Sänt från: **********

Trevligt att få hem Peter så att jag kan stilla min abstinens på Carcassonne. Jag älskar det spelet(och Peter också förstås) och vi har just avslutat en omgång som JAG VANN! Hurra! Det är ovanligt att vinna över Peter men nu tvålade jag till honom ordentligt. Det blir nog en omgång till lite senare i kväll.

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