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Fire alarm floorball

Published: Wednesday 2005-01-12.

Wednesday nights are sporting nights at Opera. Opera rents a gymnasium at a close-by “videregående skole” (upper secondary school) every week and we alternate between floorball and football (soccer). Personally, I prefer the first, floorball is the only sport in which I do not totally suck, but I still try to join every week to get some more exercise than just biking to and from work. Today was the first training session and floorball was the game.

After we had played for almost half an hour the fire alarm started ringing, so we went down to the entrance and tried to figure out what happened. It turned out to be a false alarm, but the janitor on-duty was unable to turn the alarm off, since it turned out that the paper with alarm codes was inaccurate. So the alarm just went on and on ringing, it didn’t stop ringing until just before our session was over, after forty-five minutes with a continuous alarm signal. Not the nicest setting for this year’s first floorball session, but it at least is one to remember.

And I did manage to score one, at least I thought so, really good goal shot as well. Hooray for me!

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  • Datum: 2005-01-12 22.39.25 CET
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
  • Sänt från:

Grattis till målet - för det var väl inte bara det att du lyckades *avlossa* ett fint skott? "Brandlarmsinnebandy" låter som ett sånt där ord man ska säga många gånger fort tills tungan låser sig. Till slut kanske det blir brandy av alltihop.

  • Datum: 2005-01-13 07.01.42 CET
  • Namn: Peter Karlsson
  • Sänt från:

Jo, det blev mål (skrev tydligen inte det i den svenska versionen, det står i den engelska). Jag fick in ett par mindre snygga mål också, men jag lyckades i alla fall med ett jag är lite stolt över :-)

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