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Published: Tuesday 2004-11-09.

It took me nine months, but Saturday I watched the very last episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I’ve gone through seven seasons and I must say that I find Deep Space Nine to be the best of the series so far (allowing for that I have so far only seen the two seasons of Enterprise that have been transmitted on SVT). Contrary to the other series it has continuity, with a good background arc which lasts for the entire run.

The last half of the last season is more or less one long continuous story, so there I watched several episodes in a short space of time, Friday I watched four episodes straight...

Now on to Stargate SG-1, I have just finished season three, now on to borrow the fourth one as well...

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I never quite got the hang of DS9, and always found the Ferengi to to be the most annoying species ever dreamt up - in the sense that they seem like a parody of a parody.

As for ST:Enterprise - the entire season three is one long story that extends into season 4. BTW, Brent Spiner makes a guest appearance in season four, not as Lt. Commander Data though.

But, if you haven't already: Farscape!

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Själv håller jag på att frälsa Eija med de tidigare avsnitten, säsong 3 är snart avslutad. Fast fy vad jag hatar tidsresor och multipla universum.

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