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More on the election

Published: Friday 2004-11-05.

After the results of the US presidential election were ready Wednesday, Christopher Evans has on his web site created a table giving the election result per state based on average IQ. If this is true it is a bit scary.

Another table shows election result per state based on average income. This one is perhaps a bit less surprising, but still noteworthy considering Bush has cut the taxes for those with the highest income and Kerry calls himself representing for the working class.

Update 18:30 CET: Criticism of one’s sources is a good thing, it probably isn’t such a good idea to blog about sensationalist web pages people send to you over IRC at half past seven in the morning. A person going by the signature of VanSloan tries to get the facts straight.

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Interesting! I made a similar statement while looking at the red and blue map representing which state had voted for Bush and Kerry. Something along the lines of "only hillbillie States voting for Bush". This is the censored version of what I said and I am sticking to it:-).

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