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Syndication, no please

Published: Friday 2004-10-08.

Rolle asks on his web site why I have blocked so that, among others, Yahoo is not allowed to read my RSS news feed. Since he asked his question on this web site it’s only fair that I reply here, but Rolle, if you want to ask me about something in the future, it is faster to call me (and if you think calling Norway is expensive, you can call me for free over the Internet).

There are no restrictions on using the RSS file in the aggregator software of your choice, for personal use (although if I the person at would reconfigure his/her reader to not fetch the file every second minute; and you from, if you could please send a proper If-Modified-Since in your calls), but I am not interested in having my blog published on any of the ’syndication services” to get more visitors. My blog, and everything else on my web site, is a hobby project located on a server that is run by a couple of friends I made when I studied at the university. I don’t pay them anything, neither for bandwidth, nor storage space, and I do not get any income from the pages, so I don’t really want too many visitors. Furthermore, I don’t want my blog to suffer the same fate as my guest book, which I had to close down earlier this year because it was only used by spammers. That the spammers target blogs is, among other things, obvious from the number of counter-measures that have been developed, even if they don’t necessary solve the problem, I had implemented such things for my guest book (and they can cause problems, like when a reply the other day was filtered because it contained the Swedish word for ’six”, ’sex”, which the filter decided was a dangerous word).

It is, among other things, because of this that I have added the RSS file to my robots.txt, which means that automated services should not read the file. Despite this some syndication services insist on fetching the file, which is why I have blocked these on the HTTP level (for a while I sent them a special RSS with the error message Rolle reported, I have stopped doing that). I don’t mind search engines like Google or Teoma indexing my web pages, with these you have to actively look for something to find your way here.

And finally I had never thought that anyone would find this blog interesting enough to add it to a syndication or portal web site...

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