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Published: Tuesday 2004-10-05.

Since I (among other things) am a translator I have for quite some time tried to figure out how to translate the increasingly popular English word smartphone, which describes a (mobile) phone which has been blessed with functions from the palmtop world. Handdatormobiltelefon is descriptive, but way too long.

Today, the Norwegian ITavisen published an article about that my employer, Opera Software, has been selected to deliver the default web browser for Symbian UIQ, the system behind, among others, Sony Ericsson’s popular ... right, what was it I was supposed to call them? ITavisen has come up with a Norwegian word that I am more than happy to directly import into Swedish: smartofoner.

Feel it. Doesn’t it sound nice?

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  • Datum: 2004-10-06 09.11.21 CEST
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
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Kommer inte alla mobiltelefoner på sikt att ha den typen av funktioner, eller blir det två skilda segment? Det jag tänker på är att om alla mobiler blir smartofoner, riskerar ordet "mobiltelefon" att på sikt tas ur bruk. Smartmobil skulle kunna vara ett annat alternativ.

Det påminner om vad man skulle kalla en bordsmodell av en dator med bildskärm för. En del använde hobbydator, andra skrev persondator, hemdator, infomat eller något i stil med "maskin för elektronisk administrativ databehandling". Ämnet togs upp i den tidning som trycktes i samband med att Persondatormuséet i Stenungsund hade öppet ett år 1993.

Dutch newspapers often don't even try to translate such things, they mostly use the English words for new technology.

I'd really like to have some place to advise me on such translation issues, but the best I've found so far is the Dutch Opera webforum.

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