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The dark ages

Published: Monday 2004-10-04.

October has arrived in leaps and bounds, something that is especially noticeable in that it is pitch black outside when I wake up in the morning. Depressing. What is really depressing, however, is that it didn’t need to be this way, at least not for a couple of weeks. We were supposed to be rid of this annoying Daylight saving time now, which would have made the mornings a bit lighter (at the cost of making the nights a bit darker, but I can live with that), but the politicians decided that we should be on wrong time for seven months and correct only for five nowadays, which means that we aren’t returning to normal time until the end of this month, at which point it is already too late for light mornings.

Last year I tried to ignore the daylight saving time for a period, but it didn’t work very well since everyone in the world around me obeyed it. This year I have adapted, but even though I have kept some watches at normal time, including my alarm clock, to remind me of how early I really is waking up in the morning and going to bed at night.

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Så du förde ett enmanskrig mot sommartiden? Förvånar mig icke! he he...

Du får cäl ta och se till och ordna en nationell samling kring detta! Jag skriver på ev. lista!

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