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As seen on tv

Published: Monday 2004-09-27.

Last night I accompanied my parents to the tv recording of an episode of Så ska det låta from SVT, which is to be aired next spring (the show is based on a format from Irish television called The Lyrics Board, which has been exported to many countries). The show had everything from hard rock in Heaven’s on fire to old schlagers like Flottarkärlek, and much in-between. It was quite fun to see what goes on in the studio, compared to just watching it on a tv screen, and they just cheated a little.

They didn’t cheat about who knew the most songs and grabbed the most points, or anything like that, but there were re-takes when the artists didn’t know the lyrics or the guys at the pianos started out in the wrong key. Only at a few occasions they brought in extra note or lyrics sheets, but when that happened the artists had already figured out what song to sing, they just didn’t know the lyrics.

What surprised me the most, though, was that the added some extra songs after they finished the show, to stretch the air time. I had expected the opposite, that they would have to cut out or shorten a few of the songs to fit everything into its sixty minutes time slot, but now they added a couple of new songs by letting the artists “guess” at a couple of extra words at some strategic points in the competition. Maybe it also was to equalise the number of songs performed by each artist or something like that, what do I know.

Even though the artists in this episode weren’t my “dream constellation” it was fun to see Elisabeth Andreassen, who also is a Swede who has moved to Norway. I have also seen her performed before, in the Swedish Walpurgis night celebration in Oslo a few years ago. Elisabeth was joined by Kikki Danielsson, and the opposing team had the charming Sofia Källgren who appeared with the ex-Barbados singer Magnus Carlsson (who, I must admit, actually could sing, everything considered).

Which team won I will not give up here, you will have to see that when the time comes, the program will probably be shown early 2005...

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  • Datum: 2004-09-28 09.45.08 CEST
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
  • Sänt från:

Ja, tonarter förstår jag kan vara svårt, speciellt om det är en mindre erfaren sångare (vilket ingen av de där fyra kan påstås vara). Det hände inte att de efter tävlingen tog om någon av de tidigare låtarna för att få en bättre version av den?

Besserwisserkommentar: Magnus stavar Carlsson (som jag, fast jag egentligen är folkbokförd som en Karlsson) och Kikki stavar med dubbel-k. ;-)

När jag var liten hade jag svårt att säga Andreassen (som hette Andreasson som ogift :), så det blev "Elsabert Andersson". Kanske inte så vackert.

Peter svarar: Okej, nu har jag fixat stavningen. Nöjd? :-) Jag måste erkänna att jag inte hade någon aning alls om vem den där Magnus-killen var innan programmet och att jag glömde bort vad han hette vid flera tillfällen.

  • Datum: 2004-09-28 13.53.00 CEST
  • Namn: Storebror
  • Sänt från:

Tänk... Jag fick erbjudandet av mor att följa med. Jag avböjde. Och jag ångrar det inte.

Peter svarar: Du är bara avundsjuk...

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