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This week started out just nice

Published: Monday 2004-09-20.

From actually having been quite nice weather yesterday, today I woke up to a grey heaven and an autumnly pouring rain, a rain that has lasted the entire day and, according to the weather reports, will last all night. But it was not enough that the weather was miserable, when I got to work the hard disk in my work computer wasn’t working, Linux just reported that it had encountered an UnrecoverableError. Okay, it was the hard disk of one of my work computers, but it is the computer I have most of my personal information on, for example my entire storage of e-mail from since I started at Opera.

Since I didn’t want to lose all my important files if the hard disk would fail, I had actually set up a program that runs every night, copying my e-mail over to another computer in the network, on which real backups are done once a day. The problem was that this routine somehow had stopped working, so all I found there was old files. I guess there is some truth in the saying that backups always stop working when you most need them...

Oh, well, with this kind of start this week can only improve. Hopefully.

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