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Music radio

Published: Monday 2004-08-09.

P4 Norway seems to have switched to their autumn play list. I usually listen to P4 in the afternoon in the office, and it has struck me that it doesn’t sound as if they change their play list very often. Okay, the songs are not in the same order every day, but it seems there is a very limited amount of songs that get played. For example I have noticed that they play one or two Swedish-language songs each afternoon, from a total of five or six (these are things I notice when listening to radio abroad...). Now it seems that they have replaced a few of them for others, but the total number seems to be about the same, and it doesn’t feel like the other music on the station is much more varied, either.

It can easily get a bit monotonous after a while with such a limited play list, which is one of the reasons why I switch between the channels during the day, it gives me more variation than if I would have listened to only one station. In a day, I usually flip between three or four Norwegian channels (not counting Always News in the morning, but they do not play music).

I much prefer channels with a bit more variation, I can listen to those under a longer period of time without losing my mind.

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