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Neo-nazis using cracked machines

Published: Tuesday 2004-06-15.

Starting last Thursday evening there has been a virtual landslide of German-language spam mail with neo-nazi contents, I lost count at a bit over two hundred copies at my job account. According to various sources, cracked machines are used after having been taken over using the Sober.G Windows worm.

From before having only been used to flog various dubious sex items, phony medicines and pirated software, a new low-water mark has been reached when these shady criminal individuals use it to spread their confused political messages. For some strange reason only (knock on wood) my work account has been attacked, I haven’t received similar letters to my private address, even though the latter usually is the one to receive most of the crap.

What I cannot understand, however, is how these idiots think that people will be more interested in what they are saying when they are bombarded with hundreds of copies of the same letter? One piece of mail people may have read, and perhaps been influenced, but when you receive several hundred most people will definitely dismiss it as stupidities.

And finally, we shouldn’t forget that if people who connect their Windows machines directly to the Internet would update their machines properly, the worm these criminals are using would never have been able to spread.

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