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Bus thoughts

Published: Sunday 2004-06-13.

So now I sit here on the bus that I had to take because SJ didn’t stop its trains where I wanted to get on. It is okay, but I definitely do prefer going by train, even if it costs a few hundred more.

I recently started subscribing the British publication Retro Gamer, a magazine that covers “vintage computers” in general and old games especially. When I started subscribing to it I received a joystick with five built-in games from Namco as a bonus. I almost think my mother appreciated the contents of it more than I did, since one of the games that came with it was the classic Pac Man. Once upon a time my mother really loved the game Glipp, a Pac Man clone for the ABC-80. And to think that my mother couldn&rsquot;t understand how I could sit like glued in front of the computer screen playing games when I was younger...

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Vi får se när C64-spaken dyker upp, och vad den innehåller och innebär på lång sikt. Ryktet säger att den kan ha en del gemensamt med C1-projektet.

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