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Broadband and ice-cream

Published: Tuesday 2004-05-18.

My broadband has been a bit shaky lately, which is a bit annoying considering it was steady as a rock the first years I had the service. It wasn’t until they changed modem platforms some time ago that I started to have problems, which have increased in intensity lately—I lose contact for between one half and one minute at irregular intervals. A technician was here a couple of weeks ago switching the modem for another one, but it has not helped, so during the (extended) weekend, to which they today replied that they would upgrade the modem firmware.

Those updates are performed by customer service over the network and mostly work out fine, but today I lost contact with my machine (I was at work when they updated) and when I came home I noticed that the modem just stood there blinking. Since rebooting it didn’t solve the problem I dug out the customer service phone number, which I fortunately have written down, and was about to call when I noticed I didn’t get any dial tone in my phone.

Absent-minded as I can be, I had forgot that I subscribe to broadband telephony and of course cannot use the phone if the broadband is off-line, so I had to make the call from my mobile phone instead. Fortunately, customer service were able to fix the immediate problem, I’ll have to see whether or not it makes any difference on the real issue.

Today all employees at Opera were treated to an ice cream. Certainly not bad when the sun shines and it is hot, but for 12.5 million US dollars one would have thought that the company would have been able to afford a slightly more grandiose celebration? But I have heard some rumours about that something interesting is to occur at the summer party, those that live will see.

Speaking of ice cream, the ice cream van just passed by, so now I have filled my freezer. Summer is coming.

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  • Datum: 2004-05-19 10.22.09 CEST
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
  • Sänt från:

Om inte pengarna från uppgörelsen redan kommit in, kanske det inte fanns utrymme för dyrare bjudning just nu. Vad för slags glass talar vi om förresten - en ispiggelin eller en maffig strut med äkta vaniljglass och saffran?

  • Datum: 2004-05-19 10.28.23 CEST
  • Namn: Peter Karlsson
  • Sänt från: via

Pinnglass - (glassen längst uppe till vänster)

  • Datum: 2004-05-19 14.55.25 CEST
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
  • Sänt från:

Pin-Up? *fniss* Den där glasstillverkaren borde börja licenstillverka strutglassen Top Hat också. Kanske de skulle kunna ha avtal om att göra en Playboyglass med jordgubbssmak. Gullpinne låter trevligt på svenska...

Jag undrade en stund varför de har så många glassar som bara säljs i Sverige, men uppenbarligen beror det på att de är partner till Triumfglass.

  • Datum: 2004-05-20 21.09.39 CEST
  • Namn: David Pettersson
  • Vävplats:
  • Sänt från:

Så påkostat...

Det hade varit roligare om ni fått Dracula eller Nöt. Namnen känns mer passande på något vis.

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