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Published: Sunday 2004-02-15.

Yes, I admit — I did watch the final of Expedition Robinson (known in the United States as “Survivor”) yesterday evening, just as a large share of the Swedish population did. It is the only reality TV series I care to watch, being the only one that seems interesting, the others just seem so artificial.

A phenomenon that is interesting to observe is the coverage in Swedish press of this; the evening rags carry enormous reality TV coverage, it almost seems as if they try to maintain their position as the country’s foremost parody web sites. Luckily, everything considered, there still are papers that not only print what is sanctioned by SVT.

Here in Norway it is not even close to being the same hysteria. Even though “Robinson” or “Big Brother” articles do occasionally get printed in VG, it almost seems as if Swedish ”Big Brother” Linda gets the lion share of the publicity.

By the way I think it is a bit ridiculous of SVT to keep referencing this season as the very last one, considering TV3 is going to take over the programme. That is something they have experience with, here in Norway, Robinson has been shown on TV3 since it started, as has it in Denmark. But I gather that what they really are trying to do is to label the people that apply for the TV3 version as “traitors”, or something. I think they should be quite happy with their seven seasons, which have been trendsetting and innovating, and being the ones to have appointed the world’s first Robinson/Survivor winner.

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  • Datum: 2004-02-16 12.52.02 CET
  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
  • Sänt från:

Det sändes t.o.m. en dokumentär av Folke Rydén på SVT1 igår kväll som handlade mestadels om första året och hur SVT var banbrytande med sin mobbnings-TV och hur nöjeschefen till slut bombhotades bort från sitt arbete.

Man får väl se om nästa satsning (Riket?) blir lika nyskapande. Det har redan ryktats om att SVT vill importera löss att angripa deltagarna med så det blir historiskt trovärdigt. Att de små liven skulle kunna vara spridare av elaka sjukdomar som i värsta fall skulle kunna vara livshotande verkade inte finnas i planeringen.

  • Datum: 2004-02-16 17.26.05 CET
  • Namn: Peter Karlsson
  • Sänt från:, via

Jag missade dokumentären. Men jag minns allt rabalder det var första året, det var en del som hade väldigt extrema åsikter. Konstigt nog har det blivit väldigt tyst på dem sedan dess...jag antar att man bara ville ha något att klaga på. Det är ju rätt så typiskt svenskt - att klaga på allting.

Jag läste om det där med lössen. Det verkar rätt så knäppt.

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