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Radio news

Published: Thursday 2004-01-22.

I have a new favourite radio channel. After I changed offices last month I brought my old radio from home and put there. After hopping around between different radio channels for a while, I have found a new favourite channel: NRK Alltid Nyheter, a channel that, just like their name — Always News — says, sends news 24 hours a day. Primarily I like to tune in to the channel in the morning, to listen to the news that I was too tired to perceive when they were presented in the various tv morning shows. And that is even when I usually have time to catch three morning tv newscasts before I go to work (06:30, 07:00 and 07:30).

Both yesterday and today I listened to the channel due to the news about the new royal baby here in Norway. Yeah, I know, it’s a bit silly, but I liked hearing about it. In addition, both yesterday, directly after the birth was announced, and today, when the name was published, I posted about it on Susning.

Returning to radio, I have already rejected Kanal 24 (who weren’t allowed to call themselves Kanal 4). I tuned in to the channel on my clock radio one morning but had major problems waking up to their morning show, they were playing too much soft music. P4 have people talking in the morning, which is a lot easier to wake up by, and their music isn’t as sleep-inducing. Unfortunately, Kanal 24 is as boring the rest of the day, so it’s not all too strange that people continue listening to P4.

Sometimes I move over to Radio 1 as well, especially when I want to listen to music. Much alike the Swedish commercial channels, they almost solely play music (the people that actually do speak on that channel seem to be slightly mad, however.)

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