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Published: Monday 2004-01-05.

As I wrote two months ago, I bought a number of books written by US author Orson Scott Card. Since then I have read and read, the books are such that I have had problems letting go of the books when I once have started reading them, which is a very good mark.

Fortunately, the enjoyment is not over yet, I recently got hold of the seventh book in the series, the third in the sub-series starting with “Ender’s Shadow”, the book titled “Shadow Puppets”, which I plan on reading next. I found the British edition of that book, the rest of the series I have read in its US edition, but I hope that won’t matter.

If you like science fiction, I can really recommend this series. Five points out of five.

I also have to look through the first season of 24 which I found on a not too expensive dvd recently. I have only seen the second season as it was shown on TV2 Norway last year, and it was slightly confusing not knowing the back-story of all the references to the first season. The first season is also very exciting, so exciting that I almost am having as hard a time stopping me from just watching one more episode as I had from just reading one more chapter in the books. Definitely a good mark...

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Stiftelsetriologin är värre..... referenserna till den slutar aldrig.....

Peter svarar: Det är det jag är rädd för, det är därför har undvikit att läsa den.

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