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Published: Friday 2003-12-19.

There seems to be full warfare between the radio stations here in Norway. P4, a commercial radio station, transmitting over the whole country (and, unlike most other stations, with some good programming), loses its concession for the “FM4” network at the end of the year, but has instead been awarded “FM5”, which has slightly less coverage.

This means that they have to switch frequencies at the new year, and that the old frequencies go to a new channel, Kanal4, which will transmit over FM4.

To keep the listeners from “forgetting” to switch frequencies, P4 planned to switch frequencies already yesterday, and leave the FM4 frequency empty for two weeks, to ensure Kanal4 won’t get any listeners for free. At the last instant, Kanal4 were able to get the court to stop this, to which P4 responded by suing Kanal4 because their name is too similar to P4 (Kanal4 have been calling themselves the same all the time)...

Furthermore, Kanal4 is trying to stop P4 from bringing their own channel id to their new network, because the channel id would let RDS receivers (mostly used in cars) to automatically switch frequencies at the new year. They seem to have been denied blocking that in all the instances they have complained to yet, though.

The reality series continues, personally I prefer to listen to Swedish radio, but P4 is good enough if I listen to Norwegian. At least they, unlike most of the Swedish commercial radio stations, they are have serious programming, but that’s probably just because the concession requires them to.

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  • Datum: 2003-12-19 18.37.48 CET
  • Namn: Roger Irve Karlsson
  • Vävplats:
  • Sänt från:

Vad det gäller svensk radio föredrar jag: Rockklassiker 106,7 ( och P1. Något annat behöver man inte.... Rockklassiker brukar jag pumpa igång då jag delar mediciner på avdelningen....

  • Datum: 2003-12-23 13.05.50 CET
  • Namn: Roger Irve Karlsson
  • Vävplats:
  • Sänt från:

Ha, Pr har en egen rockkanal via nätet. Rockster....

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