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Demoparty in Nittedal

Published: Monday 2003-11-10.

This weekend I visited a demoparty in Nittedal just north of Oslo. The meeting was organised by TDS and most of the attendees were members of the Norwegian group Creators.

Ten-something people in a much too small area, with loads of Commodore 64s and 128s running at the same time, that‘s really something! An Atari was also present. Myself, I produced three “charsets” (fonts) in various sizes, of which two probably are going to be used in the party demo. And of course I wrote some scroll text, no party is complete without some.

A highlight was when a couple of participants brought their projector so that we could watch demos with a very large picture (which, however, makes the limitations of 320200 pixels show rather clearly), while the audio was connected to a proper hi-fi setup. The question is whether the inhabitants upstairs liked it as much as we did when we turned the volume up at about four in the morning...

The picture on the side shows the projection display while we were trimming it, displaying an excerpt of the demo TDS was coding during the meeting. We were able to put up a bed-sheet later on so that we didn’t have to project the picture over the door frame, something that shows up quite clearly in this picture...

Photos, releases and report pages will be made available at a later date, currently I‘m trying to catch up on lost sleep.

And tomorrow, I’m off to see Matrix Revolutions on an even larger screen at Colloseum. After a week-end of assembly code and image pixeling, it feels like a good fit.

[Update: Photos here]

[6510 assembly projected onto a wall]

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