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Fiddling with dates

Published: Tuesday 2003-10-28.

One thing I really hate are companies that cheat with their invoicing dates, something which is very wide-spread in the invoicing business. It does look nice, on paper, to have 14 or 28 days to pay the invoice, but when it doesn’t show up in the letterbox until one and a half week after the so called “invoice date”, then it’s definitely not so nice anymore. My invoice from Canal Digital is one of that kind, it is dated 15th October, but was not sent to me until this Friday or Saturday (I was away during the weekend, so I don’t know exactly), which is about ten days after the invoice date. The due date is set to this Saturday, but I will not pay it until a week later in protest. A regular letter does not take over a week to arrive.

My mobile phone carrier Ventelo are as bad, they date their bills way before the date they send them out. I contacted their customer service department a while ago about it, but they flatly denied doing it systematically. I should probably switch carriers, but they are very cheap on calls to Sweden, and I tend to make such calls a lot.

If those sending out bills are systematically fiddling with the dates, maybe I should start systematically ignoring the due dates? That would serve them just right!

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  • Namn: Anders Carlsson
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Ja, det där känns bekant. Ett bra exempel var när jag beställde en tjänst från Danmark som skulle betalas inom tio dagar. Fakturan tog en vecka på sig att komma, och OJMR var brevet ändå poststämplat i Köpenhamn dagen efter att jag lagt beställningen. Efter att ha kontaktat företaget fick jag naturligtvis ytterligare några dagars tidsfrist. Det finns kanske alltså viss möjlighet att postgången, speciellt mellan avlägsna länder (som t.ex. Sverige, Norge, Danmark och Finland) kan bli fördröjd upp till en vecka. För brev som saknar datumstämpel från postkontoret är det svårare att se i vilken utsträckning faktureraren (faktören?) fantiserar.

  • Datum: 2003-10-30 20.01.07 CET
  • Namn: Roger Irve Karlsson
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