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A cat-astrophe

Published: Sunday 2003-10-19.

According to various daily newspapers, tonight’s episode of the Norwegian version of Robinsonekspedisjonen — known in the USA as Survivor — is supposed to contain a scene were one of the teams eats a cat. This has sparked a comment storm, in part from animal rights activists, but also in discussion forums where there death threats have appeared.

I simply cannot understand this. What’s the difference between eating a cat and, for instance, eating poultry? No-one complained when they did that, and they even showed when they put the chicken to death on TV (although they did cut out the actual beheading). This has been occurring for several years, with little or no reaction.

Eating cat (or dog, for that matter) is common in large parts of the world. Why should it be so strange that they kill an animal and eat it if they are hungry? Just because it is an animal that we like to bring in to our homes and fatten up it is somehow instantly wrong?

We do live in a weird world.

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