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There-is-no-daylight-left savings time

Published: Sunday 2003-09-28.

Today we should have returned to normal time again, but no — now the daylight savings time extends to all the way to the end of October. This is extremely annoying as the mornings get very dark and cold from it, for no reason whatsoever, especially when living a bit westwards.

Personally I think that the daylight savings time should be abolished altogether, it has no purpose whatsoever any longer, now that we have electrical light everywhere. Last year, I tried to ignore the daylight savings time. It worked for about a week, but after that it became increasingly hard to keep remembering that the rest of the world weren’t using the same time.

My computers, however, are set to use normal time all the year — It is comfortable to know what the time really is.

Speaking of computers, I just put a lot of my dot files under CVS control, and started sharing them among the computers I have accounts on. This is definitely an improvement over copying them over to every new machine I get access to and having them diverge into unmaintainability. Not as radical as what Joey Hess has done, though. But it’s getting there, I already have all my web pages and configurations for procmail, htdig, hypermail and junkbuster under CVS control, and am actively sharing them between machines.

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